How to find (possibly waydroid) notifications?

The pinephone keeps dinging, but no message appears. How do I find what’s going on?

Is there something that covers all notifications, or does each category work on its own?

Files/ Notifications says: No items.

There is a /var/log/lastlog binary file. How do I view it?

Now, while I’m writing, a quick popup said something about the device not being certified by Google. So quick that I couldn’t read it in its entirety. That’s presumably because I found a Google Play Store icon in the apps, after I uninstalled it yesterday, and tapped on it. I guess the popup comes from there. How do I see a static version of that text, if it exists?

Yes, that notification triggers as soon as I start waydroid. How do I stop it?

I used waydroid_script to register to Google. Now that notofication has stopped.