How to figure out why Manjaro isn't starting (instead I can see blinking dash only)

Hi there. Sorry for the stupid question, but how to know why Manjaro doesn’t want to start? I’ve updated all applications through “Add/Remove Software” GUI accidentally and now I can’t start my Manjaro. I don’t see anything - only a black screen, but after switching between TTY 2 and to gnome again I can see a blinking dash only. I didn’t make any backups, because I didn’t want to update all applications, instead, I wanted to update only one. I just want to figure out what changes broke the system and to be able to fix it.

This does not work, you always have to update before installing a new package.


Hello @NewbieInLinux :wink:

First of all:

Manjaro is a partial rolling release, but it constantly upgrades the packages unlike a fixed releases. If you only upgrade specific applications, then it could break your system due dependencies.

Partial Upgrade = Broken System

Most things are fixed with a full upgrade.

But if you want to investigate that then watch the system logs. Here are examples:

I guess there were then some changes, which effect now your system. Maybe also pacnew and pacsave files are there with newer configs. You should check them:

pacdiff -l -o

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