How to extend EFI system partition?

I’m installing manjaro alongside Windows 10. I’ve shrank the windows partition from windows and I’ve created a couple partitions from it as well.

Now in the Manjaro installer I see EFI GPT. I select Manual partitioning, edit existing 100 MiB fat32 Windows Boot Manager partition, keep content, Mount Point /boot/efi, Flags boot. I format a partition as ext4, / Mount Point, Label Manjaro. I format another partition as linuxswap, give a swap flag and swap Lable. Then I click next and I get EFI system partition configured incorrectly. An EFI system partition is necessary to start Manjaro. To configure an EFI system partition, go back and select or create a suitable filesystem. The filesystem must be at least 300 MiB in size. You can continue without setting up an EFI system partition but your system may fail to start.

Should I continue or is there a way to extend the partition?

why dont you just create a partition where youll going to install manjaro, and select the option install alongside windows, and the installer should take care of the rest

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extend EFI ( fat32) is NOT a good idea ,
you will broken boot windows in this case

→ if size change , think that UUID can change ( in your case /boot/efi )

==> do a backup for windows 10 ,
==> redo partitions size

or see if possible, on another disk ( for linux , with /boot/efi )

To prevent interoperability issues with other operating systems[1][2] it is recommend to make it at least 300 MiB. For early and/or buggy UEFI implementations the size of at least 512 MiB might be needed.[3] If none of these are relevant issues, the partition size can be as small as 2 MiB, in which case it could house nothing more than a boot loader.
EFI system partition - ArchWiki

Supposing Windows 10 can manage with 100MB, and since Linux seems to support EFI partitions as small as 2MB, i’d say you could keep it as is.

Just configure your actual EFI-partition as /boot/efi (select it in the partitioner) and go ahead. Manjaro will install without problems – even if it says it won’t. I also was confused when I installed it a few weeks ago, my EFI partition is about 200MB.

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