[How To] Exit Vim

Be ye not as the heathen, who knoweth not the ways of the Lord, and therefore remaineth forever trapped in the depths of the editor.

But ye, my children, shall follow the path of righteousness, and by the power of His holy word, shall ye learn to exit vim.

For it is written, “Press Esc and then type :q! and hit Enter, and the gates of the editor shall be opened unto thee.”


Source unknown


does that not close the editor - without even trying to save any change, no less? :wink:

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Just type the : then q then Enter.

I suppose this mantra is for if you are in input (or some other) mode.

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But keep in mind this will exit without writting to the opened file. If you want to do that use :wq or :x (which I use often :wink: )
And changes will be discard when using !


I ripped this off from a meme, guys. It’s a tongue in cheek tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or, :q! + Enter to quit without saving the buffer.

I dislike Vim, strangely.

Don’t call that a person who is VIM :smiling_imp:

This seems a little unfair to vim. :wink:

  • When you enter vim, you are greeted by a friendly welcome screen with instructions.
  • But if you should be so unfortunate as to accidentally wander into vi, you are left gazing into the infinite black void, and may the gods have mercy on your soul.

killall -9 vim is easier to remember :stuck_out_tongue:

Breakout with Ctrl + z quickly :upside_down_face:

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