How to encrypt files in manjaro?

I want to ask you if it is there any option in manjaro desktop or if not what kind of application to install for setting passwords in files or folders?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Good reading!

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A question many would ask is:
what is it that you want to achieve, in the end?
… a password protected folder or file?
… an directory or singe files that is/are encrypted?
… is it important to hide the fact that something is even encrypted/holds some information?

many ways to do what you want
what do you want? :wink:

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For file based encryption I’d recommend gocryptfs
See also Data-at-rest encryption - ArchWiki

For FDE, see: dm-crypt/Encrypting an entire system - ArchWiki
Full disk encryption you’d probably want to set up while installing the system though. I guess calmares (the installer that is being used in Manjaro) does allow you to do this.


I ve installed gocryptfs! First i installed the command package and for last i installed the gocryptfs-ui package but it shows me this! I installed and the ui one package because i dont have always time to type commands! :sweat_smile:
*And maybe someone can help me with it a little?

Well, the message pretty much tells you what to do.
I’d recommend to read a bit how gocryptfs works: Quickstart - gocryptfs

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There is also AUR (en) - cryptor
Might be easier to use. :wink:

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I think (I did not yet use that one)
that it is similar to ecryptfs (or encfs)

There is a directory where your encrypted files live
and there is a directory through which you can access them
… where the decrypted content will be mounted to, on access, once it is decrypted

The message tells you what to do - create that directory.

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It’s probably not a good idea to post screenshots of your encryption keys on the internet though :joy:

Its just the master key!! :sweat_smile:

I suggest to not post the “master decryption keys” :wink:

If anyone reading this comes across your encrypted files
he/she can … easily … decrypt them now
since you posted the key :wink:

Delete that directory
and start again …

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I see. Paper can burn. The internet does not forget.
At least you’ll never loose the key :joy:

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I deleted the post! :sweat_smile:
Whatever thank you so much all of you!
You helped me a lot!

In KDE Plasma you can also make use of Vaults - plasma-vault to protect sensitive files/folders …

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