How to encode DXV 3 video on Manjaro?

I need to encode videos in DXV 3 format for use with Resolume Arena.
Resolume provides its own software (“Resolume Alley”) to encode DXV3, but it’s only for Windows and MacOS.
Alley works on Linux via Wine, but it lets me convert only MJPEG AVI files (or, at least, that’s the only codec I’ve found it opens).
I understand from this page Video - Resolume that Arena (so maybe also Alley) uses Windows’ MediaFoundation to open different formats, but I don’t know how it works on Wine.
I also understand from this page Rendering to DXV - Resolume that there are other pieces of software that can encode DXV 3 videos, like QuickTime Pro.

So I have two questions:

  • Can I install more codecs in Wine so that Alley can open different video formats? How?
  • Are there other pieces of software I can use natively on Linux to encode DXV 3 videos?

that can be done easily - with various tools

unfortunately, I have no idea what that is

You don’t need wine to encode to various formats - can be done natively as well and better.

the real question is:

What is it that you want to do?

… don’t be set on a specific tool to do it …

wine or not wine … or how to do it with wine
does not come into it … not at this stage

wine is … like windows - use their procedure … :wink:

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Is it?
From what i read, DXV is a proprietary codec. Even ffmpeg can only decode it.

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… and that would be news to me - but may be true nonetheless …

I might have mixed it up in memory with divx.

D.VIL. dxv                  Resolume DXV

Is there a reason behind the esoteric codec choice?

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Have you tried the wine forums/documentation?

There seem to be none since the codec is made to support the software /functionality that the company sells, quote from the page you linked to:

Playback of video files with the DXV codec is only hardware accelerated when played in Resolume. When a DXV video is played with any other software, it is not rendered by the videocard so there is no performance gain in other software except Resolume.

I had this question to:

The reason seems to be: (quote the linked site, my emphasis)

The Resolume DXV Video Codec is a hardware (GPU) accelerated codec. The decompression of the video frames is done directly on the video card. Today’s video cards have enormous processing power available. The DXV codec means you can work on much higher resolutions and frame-rates, with much lower CPU and RAM usage.

With the above requirement that you have the right software & hardware to make use of it.

I do not have any knowledge of codecs tho, so for all I know this is amazing technology.

So I’m going to guess it offers better performance for editing.
MF is not a good sign, could try with mf-install.

It’s a VJing software

It is needed to use videos reliably in Resolume Arena

It works very well with graphics and when you have to loop / jump to specific points / change the speed of a video. It also supports alpha channel (you can drag and drop a PNG folder into Alley and make a DXV). But DXV files are huge.

I have tried it and it works, thanks a lot!

And thanks everybody for all the informations

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