How to enable Wayland as the standard manager in Gnome

Hi, I want to enable Wayland as the standard display manager again, I think if I remember correctly it was the standard one when I installed manjaro gnome. I have however messed with quite a few settings to use the nvidia(mx150) GPU, especially because updates sometimes broke optimus-manager, envycontrol and others which I then switched between. I now don’t have time to game anymore and want to use wayland again. Can’t find out how to though

I’ve tried to edit the /etc/gdm/custom.conf file to WaylandEnable=true, and also reinstalled some gnome packages. nothing has worked thoug. I also remember explicitly having to choose xorg session if I wanted it at login before, now that menu just gives the options gnome and gnome classic. From tty2 I’m able to with gnome-shell --wayland launch a session, I want it as standard when booting though, and not have to start a new session in tty2.

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This post might give some hints what to change & where:

Yeah, I had seen it before, thought it wouldn’t apply though because I just want to run wayland on intel graphics. Worked though.
sudo ln -s /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/61-gdm.rules
sudo update-grub
did the job. Now the menu in the bottom right corner on login is also contains “GNOME on Xorg” and “GNOME Classic on Xorg” again.

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