How to enable verboselog on startplasma-x11?

i am trying to fix a problem with nvidia and going through the steps to get a bug report. one of the steps is to enable “-logverbose 6” on the xorg server launcher. after looking thorugh the display manager(sddm) i found that xorg is started with the “startplasma-x11” binary. i am going to create a new session in the sddm launcher to run the command at startup so i am wondering if this is the correct binary to use the logverbose setting in the case of kde?

seems i was looking in the wrong place as you are suppose to add x11 server arguments into a sddm config.

for anyone else who looks this up trying to do the same thing.

create a file called “verbose.conf”(can be called anything but this is easier to remember what it does) in “/etc/sddm.conf.d/” with this in it

ServerArguments=-nolisten tcp -logverbose 6
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