How to Enable PCSXR Plugins

Hi, so here I am again, I tried to read and do stuff, but I still failed. Now on to my problem:

I just installed PCSXR using AUR, and chose the stable version

$ yay -S pcsxr

So, for the past day, I am trying to enable some shaders plugin so at least I could enjoy my old games on my Manjaro. but I couldn’t see any option on how to enable it.

According to the PCSXR Wiki, in order to enable plugins I needed to Install the 32 bit version from the multilib repositories

More Info

yay -Ss pcsxr

aur/lib32-pcsxr 1.9.93-5 (+0 0.00) 
    A Sony PlayStation (PSX) emulator based on the PCSX-df project (lib32)
aur/pcsxr-gtk2 1.9.92-2 (+6 0.00) 
    A Sony PlayStation (PSX) emulator based on the PCSX-df project (Gtk2 version)
aur/pcsxr-pgxp-git 1.9.94.r1731.62467b86-2 (+7 0.04) 
    A Sony PlayStation (PSX) emulator based on the PCSX-df Project with Parallel/Precision Geometry Transform Pipeline
aur/pcsxr 1.9.95-2 (+15 0.05) (Installed)
    A Sony PlayStation (PSX) emulator based on the PCSX-df project
aur/pcsxr-git 1.9.94.r1697.6484236c-1 (+45 0.02) 
    A Sony PlayStation emulator based on the PCSX-df Project

cat /etc/pacman.confThis is for checking multilib repository if enabled

# /etc/pacman.conf
# See the pacman.conf(5) manpage for option and repository directives

# The following paths are commented out with their default values listed.
# If you wish to use different paths, uncomment and update the paths.
#RootDir     = /
#DBPath      = /var/lib/pacman/
CacheDir = /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
#LogFile     = /var/log/pacman.log
#GPGDir      = /etc/pacman.d/gnupg/
#HookDir     = /etc/pacman.d/hooks/
HoldPkg      = pacman glibc manjaro-system
# If upgrades are available for these packages they will be asked for first
SyncFirst    = manjaro-system archlinux-keyring manjaro-keyring
#XferCommand = /usr/bin/curl -C - -f %u > %o
#XferCommand = /usr/bin/wget --passive-ftp -c -O %o %u
#CleanMethod = KeepInstalled
#UseDelta    = 0.7
Architecture = auto

#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnoreGroup =

#NoUpgrade   =
#NoExtract   =

# Misc options
# We cannot check disk space from within a chroot environment

# By default, pacman accepts packages signed by keys that its local keyring
# trusts (see pacman-key and its man page), as well as unsigned packages.
SigLevel    = Required DatabaseOptional
LocalFileSigLevel = Optional
#RemoteFileSigLevel = Required

# NOTE: You must run `pacman-key --init` before first using pacman; the local
# keyring can then be populated with the keys of all official Manjaro Linux
# packagers with `pacman-key --populate archlinux manjaro`.

#   - can be defined here or included from another file
#   - pacman will search repositories in the order defined here
#   - local/custom mirrors can be added here or in separate files
#   - repositories listed first will take precedence when packages
#     have identical names, regardless of version number
#   - URLs will have $repo replaced by the name of the current repo
#   - URLs will have $arch replaced by the name of the architecture
# Repository entries are of the format:
#       [repo-name]
#       Server = ServerName
#       Include = IncludePath
# The header [repo-name] is crucial - it must be present and
# uncommented to enable the repo.

# The testing repositories are disabled by default. To enable, uncomment the
# repo name header and Include lines. You can add preferred servers immediately
# after the header, and they will be used before the default mirrors.

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

# If you want to run 32 bit applications on your x86_64 system,
# enable the multilib repositories as required here.

SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

# An example of a custom package repository.  See the pacman manpage for
# tips on creating your own repositories.
#SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
#Server = file:///home/custompkgs

is the lib32-pcsxr the 32 bit version? If yes, is it ok If I just installed it without uninstalling the one I currently have, will it overwrite the installation?

'somebody can answer this?

it appears that PCSXR (32bit version) is removed from multilib repository. and I’m not sure if lib32-pcsxr from AUR is the one I needed?