How to enable features in manjaro minimal?

HI Team,

Previously i have installed full featured Manjaro ISO, now i have changed it to minimal.
After changing to minimal i cannot able to find SNAP in Pacmac, When i am trying to install Openoffice no packages found with that name.

I Just want all packages which full iso offer, how i can add them in this minimal build?

Please guide me how i can install openoffice and how i can enable Snapd in pacmac.

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Then why did you use the minimal ISO? :thinking:

It’s an optional dependency of pamac-gtk called libpamac-snap-plugin.

You can install any software you like via Add/Remove Software.

Ummm, isn’t the whole point of a minimal install the lack of unnecessary packages?

Why do you need snap on a minimal install? Why wouldn’t you simply install a standard OpenOffice package using pamac rather than a snapd package?

HI Thank you for reply,

Just now i installed Snapd in Pacmac.

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