How to enable 3.5 TFT Display on raspberry pi 4?

How to enable or configure 3.5TFT display on manjaro kde latest stable version on raspberry pi 4?

Look at the README in /boot/overlays and search for 3.5. There seems to be 3 different overlay choices to enable in config.txt as you did not specify the display brand.


here is the result after adding one of the overlay [imgur hqTjybm]

I wonder if this commit yesterday has anything to do with your issue.

let me give it a shot

The latest kernels are in the unstable branch along with the 2 raspberrypi-bootloader packages.

Hi, I’m install Manjaro os in raspberry pi and need to install TFT LCD3.5 inch driver on it, How can I do it?

it didn’t work on 3.5 TFT screen so i bought 7inch official screen and now that’s also not working i read overlay configaration and added all the parameters but still not working

Have you tried this in config.txt?

# Automatically load overlays for detected DSI displays

How are you powering the display?

Yes i have powered it on using gpio connections

no, i haven’t tried it yet. give me a sec I will give it a shot

it worked but it has an issue of manually scaling and finger gusture like 2 finger tap right click

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