How to effectively lock FPS?

So, I’m making the switch to Linux. Tried Pop before, but wasn’t a huge fan of Gnome. Now I’m using Manjaro KDE and despite some bumps, I’m enjoying the experience.

Problem is, I don’t have the most powerful gaming laptop out there, so sometimes I need to lock individual games to 30 FPS. That was a straightforward process on Win10 thanks to the NVIDIA control panel, but I’m not having as much luck on Linux.

Tried using libstrangle on both Pop and Manjaro now, and the results are the same: nothing happens. Currently, I’m attempting to lock Phasmophobia to 30 FPS (also tried it on Pop before). The command line strangle 30 %command% on Steam doesn’t work. I also tried reaching the executable through the terminal, as suggested in the gitlab page, but the terminal denies me access to the folder.

There don’t seem to be many people trying to lock their FPS to 30, which doesn’t surprise me one bit, so I’m finding it hard to find information regarding how to use libstrangle to lock the FPS to 30, specifically.

Any help for a total noob would be appreciated! I’m learning Linux as I go and I still have to double-check how to do some things, so I’m not joking when I say I’m a noob.

You need the “up to date” strangle I guess. Which package did you install? I use libstrangle-git, last time I checked it worked.

//EDIT: just checked, it works.

I got the one without -git first, then I uninstalled it and got the -git one. idk if it’s a Phas or a Unity thing, or maybe I’m doing something horribly wrong.

I am putting strangle 30 %command% after gamemoderun %command%, though. Should it be the other way around or something?

strangle 30 gamemoderun %command%

Gosh, that did it! tysm! So, %command% goes at the end of all the commands I want to use?

%command% is a replacement for the game actual startup command. You can also have parameters after it for example gamemoderun %command% -nostartupmovies but these parameters are game specific each game has its own applicable parameters.

I see. I think I understand this better. Thanks for the help! :smiley:

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