How to edit jgmenu?

hi, I want to use the jgmenu to launch gnome-terminal instead of termite (that came as default when I installed Manjaro Openbox).
I did edit the jgmenurc in ~/.config/jgmenu/ this way, from:
terminal_exec = termite
terminal_exec = gnome-terminal
… but it doesn’t work :frowning: What should I do?
I did have a look at the jgmenu docs, but was soon lost in all the details…
Many thanks!

jgmenu runs in the background so for a change to the config to reflect you need to kill the process

pkill jgmenu

you may need to edit the prepend.csv as well

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thanks, it was the prepend.csv bit (I forgot to write but I had killed the process) :smiley:

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