How to duplicate KDE Desktop/Application settings from PC to Laptop?

Hello guys,
Im using Manjaro for 15month now and i adjusted alot little settings in Manjaro/KDE Desktop/Application’s and so on.

I bought a new Linux Tuxedo Laptop few weeks ago and installed also Manjaro/KDE on it and now i want to duplicate my settings from PC to my Laptop. I’m not sure how to do this the best/easiest way… maybe someone can verify if some steps maybe wrong or not and what to change.

1.Install the same Manjaro/Desktop (KDE) (Done already)
2.Install the exact same Applications on Laptop as on my PC (Im using, heavy customised Firefox, Smplayer,VLC,Shotcut,Kate,Steam)
3.Install the exact same Desktop Appearance Profiles/Styles/Cursors and so on.
4.Download the exact same Addons/Themes for Firefox.
5.Copy hidden folders from my PC to the Laptop from Home Folder Partition, sample:
.icons (unsure)
.kde4 (unsure)
.steam (unsure… i want the settings but not the games)
.themes (unsure)
6.Restart Laptop and everything works without manually customisation?

I never had to reinstall Manjaro since im using it… im pretty unexperienced with Linux (but i have experience in Windows) in this directions. I hope you guys can help me out, i don’t want to make something wrong.

Im pretty sure it would takes atleast 12-15hours to customised everything manually to the same experience/looks, i prefer to use Backup files as much as possible.

Thanks in advanced

Use the /etc/skel directory as a guide, what ever files are in there, copy the same files from your home directory. Remember, most config files in /etc/skel are hidden, so enable “show hidden files”. Then just add any config files/folders for what ever apps you installed.

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After taking a closer look at etc/skel i just mainly see only GTK Theme Overlay settings in there. And the .config folder is the only folder in this directory, besides subfolder’s.

I think its better to skip the folder’s falkon (i have no clue what falkon is) and autostart in .config and only copy gtk-3.0 folder and just the kdeglobals file in .config

Do i need the 7 files in skel folder? They look like some autostart stuff?

So all in all, im wrong or right with my 6 Steps in my Main Topic?
Do you mean etc/skel should just additional copy+pasted from PC to Laptop and into the same location? But i need root access for etc/skel… i have no clue how to do this in terminal… should i use my USB Liveboot to evade root rights, to overwrite files in /root with dolphin? Or is there a other way, to give short time (1 time only) Dolphin root access?

I just want to make clear, i used the same Partitions (like swap/boot/home/root) on my Laptop as on my PC. But i also have some settings that i don’t want… because i have other Hardware (of course, since a Laptop and PC can’t have the same Hardware settings :wink: ) like settings from etc/fstab or processgovernor (for Overclocked CPU) should be skipped.

First, partitions are irrelevant, you are working within your user home directory.
Second, it it is not a matter of right or wrong, just, all of your desktop configuration is located in your home directory.

Third, /etc/skel is what your system uses to create the default settings for accounts on your system, you do not normally need root access to copy the contents of /etc/skel, but if you do, just do so.

Create another user and copy the settings/files/directories from your default user account to the new users home directory and see if it changes to mimic your default user.


But should i install the applications/themen layout first befor i copy my homefolder?

If you restore configuration files that reference themes layout or whatever you didn’t install first, then this will probably create issues by not finding what is referenced in the config files. If it is a wallpaper, the impact will be minimal, but for some bigger component like a whole desktop theme, then you’ll probably break your user desktop. For non desktop related config files, then it is non really a problem, for example your desktop will not crash if you have your VLC config files before installating VLC, but for the desktop itself you need to be careful (and logic).

I think you would need to install everything first, then logout of user, copy (and/or overwrite) the config files to your user folder, and then log back in to the user. If everything is where it is supposed to be, everything installed like before, you should not have issues.

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This might be somewhat helpful …
(throw in some other directories you may want, like steam, in the script itself, or just manually add them after using the script, etc)

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Damn i did a mistake and i created on my Laptop the wrong User Name for my Homeprofile.

Instead Koboldx (the account on my PC) i created on Manjaro install Kobold on my Laptop :frowning:

I tried to rename in KDE under system settings>users: To change the Account from Kobold to Koboldx but a error showed up in the GUI and told me that it can’t save the changes.

I also tried in the same Menue, to created a New User… so i have now a second account named: Koboldx (Listed under other Accounts) but when i try to copy/overwrite my files in Home/Koboldx i see a lock icon and i can’t open it (a message popup that the folder doesn’t exist or something like that) or copy my stuff into it, i also have no access to it and i also can’t deleted the Main Account named Kobold.

The normal “Main” Account named Kobold doesn’t have a lock, i have no idea how to fix this, do i have to reinstall Manjaro again?

I already downloaded everything on my Laptop and was ready to overwrite… all this hassles because i forgot to type a stupid “x” on install :sob:

What can i do, to fix my problem? Is there’s a way to rename my Main Account from Kobold to Koboldx?

Or can i just rename my backup folder from my PC into Kobold and overwrite it on my Laptop?

Sorry … you may have to be more specific about what steps you took originally.
What operations were you attempting?

I have no clue what details are missing.

I want to overwrite my Home Folder Account with my Backup.

PC Account: Koboldx

Laptop Account: Kobold
Laptop second acount (with a lock icon on the folder and no way to overwrite or copy stuff into it): Koboldx

When i boot with livedisc and open the “second acount” folder “Koboldx” on my Laptop, there is no access, only Kobold could be overwrite. (but i didn’t changed anything yet, on this main account)

What i need to do now to get my Backup working?
Where i have to copy my stuff? Do i need a equal account befor i copy my Homefolder stuff?

Should i rename my PC backup (home\koboldx) Account folder from Koboldx to Kobold and replace it on my Laptop? But i think login will be broken after it, doesn’t it?

The only operation i did was to overwrite Koboldx (PC) to Koboldx (Laptop, second account) but a error accured when the copy operation tried to create a .Theme folders in Dolphin, but has no access because of the lock icon at the folders. I also have no clue why there is a lock icon on a second account but full access on the main account.

1.I installed Manjaro on my Laptop with account name Kobold.
2.Updated Manjaro to the newest version.
3.Activated Arch Repo in Pamac GUI.
4.Downloaded my Applications from Official Manjaro and Arch.
5.Downloaded all possible Layouts that i use on my PC and also installed the same Themes/Icon’s/Overplay’s/GT3k Themes/Cursors on my Laptop.
6.Created a Backup with Timeshift on a external HDD on my Laptop (just incase).
7.Was looking to copy the folder, in my Timeshift (timeshift settings: all included) backup (PC) also on the same external HDD but on a secondary Partition.
8.I saw the different (Home/) Account name and said: OMG, its not equal :cold_face:

For the username change try Manjaro Settings Manager > User Accounts

I don’t see any difference between this 2 options.