How to downgrade visual studio code?

It all works fine except for jupyiter, which is broken because of the visual studio code version, how do I install a previous version?

Extension activation failed, run the 'Developer: Toggle Developer Tools' command for more information.

Completely a visual studio code issue, but I don’t know how to revert to previous versions

Have you seen this wiki entry:

Be aware, downgrading is risky and theoretically can break your system. Use it with care.

I am going to try and use the downgrade command, do you have a version that you can recommend that you know is safe and compatible?

I think its better to use flatpak to install older version

How do you have installed VS Code? From the AUR?

Which the version you need?

Yeah, just from Add/Remove Software

Not sure, but not this one :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried this, but flatpak’s code is a bit weird and the dark theme only shows the code dark.When I open folders and files its all white, and the top bar is while. It looks less aesthetic. When I try to reinstall code, I uninstalled it, I get operation cancelled due to ignorepkg (I used downgrade on code) - How do I remove the ignorepkg

So let’s build v1.61.0 which is the previous version, open a terminal and write:

git clone
cd visual-studio-code-bin
git checkout 506c9e98697709747feba7560c1cd3dd690827c0
makepkg -si

You can see git history using the git log command

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