How to downgrade? No Packages available


Due to a bug in systemd I need do downgrade to 247.4-2.
With “downgrade” as named in the manjaro wiki it seems not possible:

wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1
wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ echo $[DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA]
wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ sudo downgrade systemd

Downgrading from A.L.A. is disabled on the stable branch. To override this behavior, set DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA to 1 .
See Downgrading packages - Manjaro Linux for more details.

Lade Pakete…
Warnung: systemd-248.3-3 ist aktuell – Reinstalliere
Löse Abhängigkeiten auf…
Suche nach in Konflikt stehenden Paketen…

Pakete (1) systemd-248.3-3

Gesamtgröße der installierten Pakete: 25,73 MiB
Größendifferenz der Aktualisierung: 0,00 MiB

:: Installation fortsetzen? [J/n] n

So how do I get to this version?

The disabling of DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA on stable branch seems to be intentional, see
close-ala-in-stable.patch · master · Packages / Community / downgrade · GitLab.

You can still use old packages residing in your package cache (/var/cache/pacman/pkg).
Mind you: if you do downgrade, remember to downgrade all four systemd packages together (systemd, systemd-libs, lib32-systemd, systemd-sysvcompat).

Switching to another branch (hint: testing) also enables DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA functionality…


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I don’t have any package in my cache. So this is NO solution.
The seconds proposal switching to “testing” branch is also no solution, because then I will get a lot of updates I don’t want on my productive system.

So is there really no chance do downgrad a package in Manjaro if you donÄt have it in your personal pkg cache? Really? This looks like a problem by design???!!!

Imho the manjaro patch is somewhat broken.

I think the intention was that with setting the environment variable DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1, downgrade should allow ALA even on stable (which does not work).

Anyways, you could grab the original downgrade as a temporary workaround:

chmod +x downgrade
sudo ./downgrade *package-name*
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Please keep in mind that Manjaro build some packages by its own.

The downgrade from a server works IMHO only for package that are directly imported from Arch. If a package is build by Manjaro developer, it needs to be in your cache.

If your really need a special version of a core system package, downgrade is never a good solution or workaround. In such cases, get the sources from and build it against the current set of packages yourself.

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Created an issue…

Thx for creating the bugg report. I got topday a update of “downgrade” to version 10.1.0.
But there is still the same bug.


sudo DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 downgrade *package-name*

Afaik it got already pushed to all branches.

Okay, thx. I just used the wrong command/syntax. There is no example in the wiki.
I always typed:

wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1
wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ echo $[DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA]
wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ sudo downgrade systemd

Just to explain why your commands did not work: you’re setting the environment variable in your local environment of your current user but execute the command with sudo - which wasn’t instructed to keep the current environment - therefor the variable is not visible for the command.

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