How to downgrade my brave browser version to v1.50.125?

I need to downgrade my brave browser. The latest version has a bug, it doesn’t load password so I’m signed out from all my account.
But downgrading to lower versions fix it.

Can’t seem to find the aur for v1.50.125. can anybody help?

Probably because it doesnt exist.
Usually if you wanted to use the AUR for some specific version and it is not provided … you augment the pkgbuild for your desired version.

There are other ways though, like;
or manually use your local cache:
(an aproximation as I avoid snake oil like brave … but find the correct path on your system)

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/brave-browser-1.50.125-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
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You can install either Beta or Nightly.
Also, you can clone their package definition(s) and build locally once you change the version number and update the corresponding checksum value.
I think Brave is in a transition from the old password manager interface to a new one and the mix of code is kind of crappy right now.

I’m using the Nightly as my current browser; I noticed that when I visit the url brave://settings/passwords the passwords are not loaded, but as soon as I visit brave://password-manager/passwords, they get loaded.
Obviously, if you used before the main branch and now you launch a Nightly, the profiles will be set at different locations. You could still import the bookmarks and even the password database (a file called Login Data located in the Default folder inside the Brave Browser folder).

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