How to downgrade avr-gcc?

Hi, I need to install an old version of the avr-gcc package because of a problem described here: Sketch too big with gcc 9.1.0 · Issue #663 · gnea/grbl · GitHub
The version I need is avr-gcc-8.3.0, it’s from 2019 I think. Is there a way to install this specific version of a package?

avr-gcc is inherited directly from the Arch repos. The latest version there is 11.2.0-1. You can grab the PKGBUILD for the 8.3.0 version from the package commit history available on github.

To install/downgrade to that version make a new directory and copy the PKBUILD and run makepkg -si. If avr-gcc is already installed on your system, pacman should ask you if you want to downgrade or not.

mkdir ~/avr-gcc
cd ~/avr-gcc
sudo pacman -S base-devel git --needed
makepkg -si
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Thank you very much for your reply!
Unfortunately, I was unable to build the package successfully, I got “ERROR: A failure occurred in build().”. Maybe I’ll investigate this further in the future, but for now, I managed to use a VM with Ubuntu to build the firmware I needed, as they still use that old avr-gcc version.
Thanks again.

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