How to display recent error like Windows "Eventlog"? "NEWBIE"

Hi all,
my computer is hanging at random times and i can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it.
Is there an Eventlog where i can see the most recent errors that occurred?

tnx in advance!

I know it’s not ideal for KDE Plasma users, but yuu can install gnome-logs which is a “pretty” GUI for viewing system logs.

Just found the KDE version, called ksystemlog.


Tnx alot!

There is also Systemd Journal with journalctl.

The OP specifically asked for a GUI application, like EventLog from Windows.

Oh my bad. Didn’t know what Eventlog specifically was. :sweat_smile:
But I still think it is useful to include command line solutions like journalctl to use on tty for example. :wink:

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