How to disable screensaver when watching online movie on web?

Hi , I want to know , When watching online film on web , How to disable a screensaver . I know where to find screensaver settings , but there is only options for start screensaver after unactivity . Thanks

Easy way

is in our repo…

Thank you , I am beginner .

You can outright disable the automatic screensaver and session lock, though that may be overkill…

Checkout the xset command.

Xfce power management has a Presentation Mode to disable screensaver or suspend settings

Left click Power Manager plugin in system tray to turn it on

or use this command to toggle Presentation Mode on/off

xfconf-query -c xfce4-power-manager -p /xfce4-power-manager/presentation-mode -T

Right click and selecting Power Manager Preferences has an option to show an additional indicator when Presentation Mode is on


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If you, like me, don’t care about the screen being changed/dimmed/switched off after some time:
I have disabled the screensaver
as well as the display power management
just for that same reason.

I don’t need a screensaver anyway
and the display power management is what gets in the way here.

You reach it directly via:
LANG=C xfce4-power-manager-settings --> the "Display" tab
switch it off for both “On Battery” and “Plugged in”

But maybe the caffeine solution is better for you - but you may have to remember to activate it each time
(it says it will activate itself when something is put into fullscreen, so it should be a good tool for this purpose, watching movies …)