How to disable Recent Applications and Recent Files?


The question is pretty straightforward - how do I disable Recent Applications and Recent Files and prevent it from gathering such information? Recent Locations is relevant in this case as well.

Go to System Settings > Desktop Behavior > Activities > Privacy and check “Do not remember” in “Remember opened documents”.

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did not help. Had already done that.

Try clearing history then. Option already available there.

Did that as well. And then opened an application and it popped up under Recent Applications.

Last…Go to Settings > Workspace > Search > Plasma search and disable “KRunner history”:

unfortunately that did not help either. any way I can disable it by modifying some of the files in the root directory?

It depends on how many activities you have. Set the privacy flag for each activity. That works.
See screenshot and configuration path as mentioned above or META+Q and press activity configure icon.

Alternatively you could also try to deactivate the relevant plugins in Krunner settings. I haven’t tried if that works also.

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Seem this was the only way to actually block the history throughout, without going through each application individually. Note the “Blacklist applications not on the list” tick box.
Pretty unintuitive design.

It’s the privacy flag in the activity settings as stated above which completely deactivates recent files and recent applications. Works perfectly for me.

That’s still per-Activity. I was looking for a blanket solution, since recent locations and documents are pretty useless to me.

It is indeed per activity. It would require to set it for all activities.
Certainly, someone can clear history and then blacklist all applications not in the list as suggested by you.
There’s usually always more than just one way to achieve something. :slight_smile: