How to disable mangohud?

Hi!, i can’t disable mangohod overlay. Even though i had removed it by using command sudo pacman -S mangohud, it still showing the overlay while opening the game. Please help me

That command would install mangohud.

What I did was installing Goverlay from AUR and make sure that mangold is not enabled systemwide.

Change the shortcut and make sure mangohud is hidden at start.
Then in f.ex steam you just add ‘mangohud %command%’ per game and use the shortut to show mangohud.

Becasue I suspect you actually want mangohud, you just don’t want it to show constantly.

If not, remove with command below in next post.


Removal would need -R and should look like this:

$ sudo pacman -Rcs mangohud
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Thank You! this is working.

Thank you, my bad! But even though i removed mangohud by using Rcs command, without disabling it in goverlay, it still showing on the screen while gaming. So i disabled it on goverlay and removed it.

Did you reboot after uninstalling it? Most times, that can help.

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No i didn’t restart. but after uninstalled the mangohud I can still find files belong to mangohud in the root folder. Is it normal ?

I cannot comment on Mangohud, specifically; but if a reboot is required to remove files, it’s possible they could remain until that happens. However, normally, elevated permissions take care of this during removal.

I have nothing more to add. Good luck.

Thank you!

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