How to disable dedicated AMD gpu when not in game?

Hi, just got Manjaro installed. Im currently on a laptop with an intel integrated GPU and dedicated AMD radeon gpu. I noticed that even when idle, the amd gpu is on. I would only like the AMD gpu to be enabled when playing a video game, but other than that, I would prefer it to be completely off. Is there a way to resolve this? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

EDIT: was able to solve the problem via Hybird graphics. Noticed though that Xsensors would still provide readings even if the GPU was suspended. Someone on a different forum mentioned that Xsensors could be causing the dedicated gpu to turn on when its taking readings! Thank you for the replies and help :).

see this
ATI - ArchWiki ( powersaving )

I think bbswitch can help you.
For more details read this Bumblebee - ArchWiki

It cant. bumblebee is only for nvidia.

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