How to disable automounting in plasma 6?

When I plug in an external disk, a notification pops up, that’s annoying. So I disabled it, then every partition on the drive automounted as soon as it was plugged in.

I checked the settings, automount was disabled, I set all device actions to echo, as it’s the only obvious way to disable them. (mate has a checkbox to disable all of them, nice and easy, and works)

There doesn’t seem to be anything in dolphin.

Yet it still auto mounted, so I reset everything, and now it still automounts all partitions, and the notification pops up.

Have I missed something?

Now I’m going to reboot and use mate, because it’s sane and I can get stuff done, instead of tracking down stupid things like this, probably just to find out that they did it on purpose and won’t fix it.

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That is done with Notifications → Application Settings → Device Notifier

Ok, so I disabled “Show Popups”, and “Show a message in a popup”, and it has no effect. (I didn’t log out or reboot)

I can disable it using: Device Notifier Applet → Hamburger menu → Show popup when new device is plugged in, but then all partitions are automounted.

The best I can get atm, is no popup but all partitions are automounted, or a popup and all partitions are automounted.

Pretty sure I reset everything I changed…and none of it should have enabled any sort of automounting in the first place.

Have you tried System Settings → Disks & Cameras.

Yes, auto mount was already disabled, I set all the device actions to echo as there was no obvious way to disable them. It had no effect, I’ve since changed them back.

hmm - it works for me

  • The hamburger you mention
    • set to Removable devices remove checkmark for show popup
  • Notification → Application specific → Devices - remove checkmark in Show popups
  • Leave Device actions untouched
  • Remove any known devcies from device automount

And you need to logout and login for that change to take effect

Then there is no popup and no automount

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Those where the last pieces of the puzzle.

Just disabling the popup should be enough, that’s all I wanted to do, and all I did (to start with, and I rebooted to check). Not sure why that would start automounting things, or why reversing the automounting needs a logout (it didn’t need a logout to start doing it).


Automounting again, no changes. It definitely didn’t mount earlier, I tested several times.

I wonder if in System Settings → Removable Storage → Removable Devices there is a long list of previously-remembered devices, with lots of duplicate entries? … Clearing this out and starting fresh might possibly help. Just an idea. :slight_smile:

Is that plasma 5? I have Disk and cameras → Device Automount, no devices are listed (I checked before I opened the thread).

Yes, Plasma5. I’m on Stable branch. :wink: Just a thought, as I checked and mine was full of duplicates … long-running system, first installed approx. 6 years ago.

(I’ll check the other system as that isn’t auto-mounting any more, probably for this reason).

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i’m not sure about 6, but in plasma 5:

system settings > startup and shutdown > removable device automounter

In Plasma 6, it’s in the Connected Devices section - Disks & Cameras - Device Auto-Mount

I think it’s now easier to find.

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