How to disable Alt to focus memu?

I am a Vim user. <Alt + h> is mapped to move left, but, it will focus to the memu and open Help when I use vim in Konsole and press the key combination. Obviously, that is not my expectation. I don’t want to change my vimrc about the key map. How can I do for this?

I also map <Alt + hjkl> to arrow keys, but I use different ways and there’s no problem of that. Here is what I did:

  1. The first method I use is using kde systemsettings: shotcuts → custom shotcuts, and set <Alt + hjkl> mapped to arrow keys. But the disadvantage is when I hold <Alt + hjkl> it’s triggered only once and that’s not what I want. So I’m using the second method.
  2. The second method is using xkeysnail. It works perfectly and it also has lots of other features.

KDE Settings has some easy to use window management rules. I am now an XFCE user and miss this feature. When I was a KDE user, I had Window Rules to Ignore global shortcuts. This link describes this feature. This particular example doesn’t show how you can limit the rule to a specific application based on some window matching. I had rules for gimp, inkscape, imagemagick, etc. Here’s the KDE Doc for Window Rules. I assume this is still available in Plasma.

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