How to disable a specific shortcut in KDE/plasma?

I am using Plasma 5.26.5. Every time when I press <Ctrl+;>, it would show a pop-up window to let me select items in clipboard.


I want to know which software configures such shortcut, and how can I remove this shortcut?

Hi @gigi314,

Check in LauncherSystem SettingsWorkspaceShortvuts.

It’s bound to be there, somewhere.

Thanks. I have searched several times in System Settings, but “Ctrl+;” is not founded.

BTW, what is your icon and themes? It is quite awesome. :heart_eyes:

Tank you :blush:



Window decorations:


I also couldn’t fine Ctrl+; ahortcut, but as mine doesn’t do anything, i presumed I removed it at some stage.

Thanks. Now I also installed Candy icons and Afterglow-dark theme. It looks pretty good.

But there is one little issue: most widgets’ icons still fall back to old style.

For example, only Flameshot (a third-party app) and Package Manager are using Candy icons, while others (e.g., Bluetooth) are in plain style. Is it possible to apply the icons style to all widgets?

I have no idea. Mine’s like this:

Doesn’t bother me since it’s not open, not visible the whole time.

Perhaps it would be best to contact the author on Github: