How to delete window decorations

I deleted some Global Themes but some assets such as Window Decorations, Colors, Icons and Cursors. How do I delete them?

What desktop environment are you using? In Plasma, you simply delete them the same way you installed them, i.e. through the “Get new…” applet.

If they are system-wide theme elements, then I would not recommend deleting them as it may break your system.

I’m using Manjaro 20 kde. I installed them via: system settings > global theme > get new global themes. Then i uninstalled them but the other assets didn’t get deleted as i mentioned.

You should be able to delete them from their respective sections in System Settings. If you hover the mouse over (for instance) a window decoration you’ve installed, then you should see a red “X” appear.

I just see an edit button, not delete.

Ah yes, that must have been an oversight in the upgrade to Plasma 5.19.4.

For the window decorations, you can check in ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/. For the other things, you may need to check other directories (“folders”) under ~/.local ─ I don’t really know, because I never install any global themes.

Also check your ~/.cache and delete any .kcache files there with the names of the themes you’ve installed yourself.

I can’t find that directory

For window decoration go to

Systemsettings > appliicationstyle > window decoration > get new window decoration

you clicked the installed button there you can select which one you want to uninstall, same goes for others

if that does not work then you have to delete it from the specific folders

window decoration




delete it from their respective folders


I tried the uninstall method but it didn’t where. Where is ~/.local? I found usr/local but not ~/.local

The various things you install from KDE Store can sometimes be installed in system directories instead of user directories, and can not be removed from the menu and require manual finding/cleaning.

~ is an abbreviation for your home directory.

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