How to delete files without putting in waste bin?

Is there a way to delete files without putting them in the waste bin?

Mainly as an issue when trying to revive files for other drives as it has to copy all of the content to the waste bin of the OS drive.

shift+delete ?



Thank you! (yet again!)

Also if you want to delete from Dolphin, go to configure dolphin → context menu → then find and enable the delete option. Restart Dolphin and it will be a right-click option. Depending on your tolerance, you may want to enable/disable “confirm on delete”…

i want to delete things without putting them in the waste bin, but i don’t want a pop-up confirmatuion either, so i del as normal, it goes to the waste bin, and a cron job empties it every 15 minutes using trash-cli (which can also be used manually). nice little set of tools.

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