How to delete an encrypted swap partition?


I’d like to delete my encrypted swap partition and use the empty space for my main partition, but I don’t know how to do it properly. I use full disk encryption on this SSD. Do I need to do this from a live USB ? If you have some step by step instructions, that would help me a lot !

Thanks a lot

Hi ! Thanks for your answer.

I think that I forgot to mention that I use full disk encryption on my SSD. So it’s really just as simple as using gparted on a live-usb ? No need afterwards to edit anything in fstab / crypttab or in /etc/default/grub ? gparted takes care of all of this ?

Np ! Thanks for your time.

You have to delete the swap partition from /etc/fstab.
I don´t know, if you need it also from crypttab. You should have a look at this.

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@LowTokyo5, as @Keruskerfuerst already mentioned you need to first disable your swap from your current system:

  1. Check inside /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab for any signs of swap configurations, and disable them when found.
  2. Reboot your system to make sure it does not use the Swap partition.
  3. Double check with swapon -s
  4. If after these steps you are certain that the swap partition is not used anymore, you can use your favorite partitioning tool to re-assign the swap partition for other usage.

Thank you very much, I’ll try this ASAP and mark it as resolved if it works ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day !

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