How to define minimum (not maximum) time for the mouse doubleclick action in miliseconds?

Older mouses has problem. They sometimes doubleclick even when you intend to do single click.
It does 2 clicks in rapid succession, so the solution would be to set the minimum time (in miliseconds?) to be regarded as a doubleclick action. Where/how can i set this, preferably via command line please?

btw. here is how to fix the root cause hardware-wise in some of the mouses: Fix: Logitech Mouse Double Clicking - but i am having different SMD clicker.
other user having similar problem

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Arch/Manjaro XFCE user here

The problem comes from the plastic flexibility deteriorating or change over time.

I have a habit of buying high quality devices but even those suffer from it albeit years pass.

My theory is that the warmth from your hand resting on the device slowly changes the shape of the most used parts of the device - thereby resulting in a malfunction - which I can tell - can be very frustrating.

My solution has been to take the device apart - then using a hairdryer to heat the plastic and bend it back into a shape which to not hang the switches (when the button part is released) - this has extended the life of my devices considerably.

Is this of any help to you?

@TriMoon mentioned man xset seems to describe mouse sensitivity not clicking… am i wrong?

They use that term in that article and other pages i searched, i think what you mean is resolution as in movement sensitivity/precision :wink:
Looks like you’re right reading that manpage…

If no one knows there the solution, where can i ask please or what to search in SE?