How to customize zsh prompt on Manjaro GNOME?

Im on Manjaro GNOME and I appreciate having ZZSH by default as my shell. Although I would like to slightly customize by running p10k configure. It gives me this message:

[ERROR] p10k configure: cannot create /usr/share/zsh/p10k.zsh because /usr/share/zsh is readonly

So how should I customize it without breaking anything?

Best practice would be to use the .zshrc file in your home folder.
You attempt to modify files from your root with your user account.

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I usually used p10k configure to get what I want by simply saying what I want yes/no etc. How can I create a configuration file like that? Are these options written somewhere?

I don’t know how p10k works. You can open your zshrc, normally it links to /usr/%zsh% folders where some config and doc files can explain how to customize.

There is zsh manjaro something folder (not on my computer right now) that give examples.

You can also find info in Manjaro and Arch wikis.

Okay but is there simply a way to unblock it?

To write/overwrite your /usr files?
Sure, with sudo, from terminal or your file explorer you can.

But you should not. Messing around without knowing what you are doing => future broken system.

The problem I have right now is that usually I had my prompt on the second line so that I would be annoyed by how long the dirs were. Now I have it on the same line because of the default Manjaro GNOME setting:

And its basically unusable

I’m not sure why it’s happening, but for now try removing manjaro-zsh-config and run p10k configure again.

I moved manjaro-zsh-config to manjaro-zsh-config.backup. After restarting the shell I still get that same error:

No, uninstall the package:

pamac remove manjaro-zsh-config

Ohh, okay! :smiley:
I did it, installed everything my way, and it works!

Thanks a lot!

I figured that would do it. We’ll see if we can find out why that happened.

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