How to customize v2ray proxy config

hi guys.
I used this script and configured v2ray proxy on my server and node.

i want to set dns server for my proxy. that means when user set proxy server on and then use my dns server for resolve websites behind proxy. How i can configure this github repository and set my dns servers?
please dont link me to v2ray proxy website. i can not understand anything in v2ray proxy documents on their website.

Sorry for the lag…

I’m not sure what you are looking to end up with from your description.

I understand v2ray, and am confused by the installer script.

Can you try clash?

Configs and documentation is much simpler (initially)

I proxy almost 800 users concurrently with haproxy and two vm’s running clash via docker. Each with their own 1Gb link.

10-14 line config for clash; but it’s yaml…