How to create symbolic link for 7z cielavenir fork? (to recognize extra codecs)

after installing 7zip in my manjaro manually the symbolic link in /usr/bin seem it does not detecting Codec library

7-Zip (z) 22.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2022 Igor Pavlov : 2022-07-15
 64-bit locale=en_GB.utf8 Threads:4, ASM


but the result should look like these :

7-Zip (z) 22.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2022 Igor Pavlov : 2022-07-15
 64-bit locale=en_GB.utf8 Threads:4, ASM

 0  ./
 1  ./Codecs/
 2  ./Codecs/
 3  ./Codecs/
 4  ./Codecs/
 5  ./Codecs/
 6  ./Codecs/
 7  ./Codecs/
 8  ./Codecs/
 9  ./Codecs/
10  ./Codecs/
11  ./Codecs/
12  ./Codecs/
13  ./Codecs/
14  ./Codecs/
15  ./Codecs/

But, why?

you mean why i install 7zip manually


You’re making this more complex than it needs to be.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by installing it “manually”.

Did you use the package manager?

no i did not use the package manger because it doesn’t provide these fork of 7zip

Ask the developer of that repository then.

Also your topic title and your first post have nothing in common.

I updated the title of your thread to be more accurate, and I also moved this into “3rd Party Applications” category.

As for your issue, do you also have p7zip (or related packages) installed from the repository? You could be witnessing a conflict.

I am not good in writing since English is not my native language

It does though…?

Hello @the_beast48,

p7zip is in the repos, in version 17.04-3.

From this source: GitHub - jinfeihan57/p7zip: A new p7zip fork with additional codecs and improvements (forked from AND

The OP (for whatever reason, I’m not sure exactly), wants to use the forked version of p7zip by the developer “cielavenir”. It has built in extra codecs that can be invoked by the 7z binary directly.

I think it’s overkill and creates more issues than solutions.

It might even cause breakage with GUI tools that rely on upstream vanilla p7zip.

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And how is this here any different?
If you have problems with some app from some repo on github, then first thing you should do is ask there. If anyone knows what the problem is, it’s the creators.

By the way, there are other language sections here, so you can also post in those.

@the_beast48: Which extra codec in p7zip you are looking for?

Maybe PKImplode?



I’m not really sure what problem this fork solves in a typical desktop usage. :person_shrugging:

the solution was easy but i did not noticed , i modify /usr/bin/7z to point into directory where the 7z executable and others codecs exist

`#! /bin/sh

“/usr/lib/p7zip/7z” “$@”`

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