How to create persistent Live USB?

Hello, I don’t know what category select for that, but how I can create persistent Live USB, so data will stay on drive after reboot? I know from own experience that using built-in installer is not good way to do it. I have empty 16 GB USB stick and Manjaro XFCE ISO (full), also I don’t think I need to put more system information.

This should help.

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Nah, those are multi-boot ISO USBs with a storage partition, not a persistent live USB.

@Davilarek Depending on what you want to accomplish exactly, you need:

  • Manjaro Architect
  • Know the difference between BIOS and UEFI boots
  • Know the difference between MBR and GPT
  • Know the (dis)advantages of all the DEs onder Linux (Or if you need one at all)
  • Know the (dis)advantages of the different kernels
  • Know the difference between SLC, MLC, TLC and QLC NAND
  • Know how to boot ISOs from grub

I.E. I have such a USB stick and use it to repair other machines then my own from a total crash, but sometimes I need to still fiddle with its config because that particular piece of shìt Microsoft Surface Pro machine I’m booting it on doesn’t support my carefully tuned config.

If your use case would be different (E.G. you want this thing to boot on your mum’s PC only so you don’t touch her Windows config at all and she doesn’t want you to install Linux on it) follow @jrichard326 excellent advice below.


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