How to create disk partition in manjaro kde

I want to dual boot windows with Manjaro (i am currently using Manjaro) but i cant figure out how to make a disk partition, can anyone help?

Simplest: install Windows on all disk then go with this tutorial: [HowTo] Dual-boot Manjaro - Windows 10 - Step by Step - Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum

Wont that delete everything in manjaro? Ive been using it for a few months now so deleting everything would suck

The program you’re looking for would be the partition manager. It is the KDE native way to make partitions with a GUI and should be installed as per standard installation.
Be aware though windows does not like to play nice when installed on the same drive as Manjaro and tends to overwrite the bootloader. So it is can be easier to have the installation on a different drive.
If you need further assistance we would need to know more about the layout of your system.

My laptop is an HP envy x360 15in with a ryzen 4500u processor.

this is the laptop on walmart

in the partition manager it wont let me resize nvme0n1p2 which is 238 GiB

You cannot resize a mounted partition. Since that is likely the main partition you would need to do that from a Live USB. Again, i would not recommend putting windows and Manjaro on the same drive.
Could you post the output of lsblk?

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I’m assuming that’s the Manjaro install that you are currently post here from? If so no you will not be able to resize the partition you are booted into. How about taking a screenshot of your open partition manager and post it here?

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ahh yes… so it has only 1 drive.
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Yeah you would have to do the resizing of the partition from a live USB as you have no other drive.

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ok, should i go with an hdd? a whole different ssd would be kind of expensive…

That would be your call. I can’t speak to as to where you are but I just did a quick Newegg search and a Adata SU650 here in the States is only $20 for 120 gigs.

guys i am here for the same problem- I had win10 on a 500gb which is now full, then i added a 1tb ssd on which now lives manjaro. I want to split the partition on which manjaro now lives in half, so that i can have a shared partition between manjaro and win, but it seems i m not able to use any graphical tool.

could i partition it from windows powershell or that could be an issue?

if there’s no way can i create an istall .iso image of my current manjaro and have everything set up again when i newly install it?