How to create a package or asking for an update?

I’ve seen that gscan2pdf is in version 2.13 but current AUR package is 2.12.6-2

the pdftk error is probably corrected in the new version, but I don’t know how to inform maintainers there is an important update.
I would to find a workaround and patch myself the package on my host, but don’t know if it’s possible and easy (with .tar.xf file from gscan2pdf - Browse /gscan2pdf/2.13.0 at

Any help for a beginner like me is welcome! :slight_smile:

That is Arch Linux, not AUR and the maintainer already got notified when someone flagged the package to be out of date


You can always try to modify the PKGBUILD from svntogit-community/PKGBUILD at packages/gscan2pdf · archlinux/svntogit-community · GitHub and build locally as instructed on Creating packages - ArchWiki but are you sure you will also get the dependencies right without any experience?


Yes, it is now and available in the Manjaro unstable branch. :wink:

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