How to create a desktop entry?

I would like to have a desktop entry for third party app installed on manjaro. They don’t seem to show up in the applications menu by default. any suggestion?

Which app?
There might be such file - one of the features of these is that they can be made to only show up in certain circumstances
or the install process did not put them in the right place (unlikely)

The structure of these is (for instance) demonstrated here:

Desktop entries - ArchWiki

Sometimes a reboot gets those entries to show up.

Do you know for sure there was a <pkgame>.desktop file installed. Assuming you installed the package via pacman, you can verify by:

pacman -Ql <pkgname> | grep desktop

If a desktop file was installed, just log out and back in. This should cause the appropriate XDG menu file to get updated assuming it was installed in the appropriate XDG directory. I’m never quite sure if reloading the xfce panel or running xdg-desktop-menu will do it, but logging off or rebooting certainly does :slight_smile: UPDATE: As long as the desktop file is in a supported XDG location, Whisker menu was updated immediately.

If no desktop file was installed, you can right-click the desktop and select Create Launcher and fill in the dialog. The desktop file will be in ~/Desktop directory.

If you just want to add the application to the menu, right-click the Whisker menu and select Edit Applications to open the menu editor.

If none of the above solves your issue:

  1. How was the 3rd party application installed?
  2. What is the name of the 3rd party application?