How to create a custom xkill shotcut?

Can i create a shortcut for xkill in manjaro?
i used ctrl+esc as a custom shortcut to xkill frozen tasks back in linux mint, can i do so in manjaro? if so then how do i actually do that?

As you mention KDE - I have no idea how KDE works but if I were to set it up I would do the following.

  • Ensure you have the xkill app installed
    sudo pacman -Syu xorg-xkill
  • the navigate your settings → my guess is keyboard → hotkeys.
  • Then find the desired combo and assign xkill to the combo.

Maybe a mouse gesture? This is an old one I made when I ran Mint.

it has always been ALT-CTRL-ESC :stuck_out_tongue:
without any modification.


thanks a lot, i didn’t knew that thnx :slight_smile:

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