How to convert from ext4 to btrfs?

Is there any trick to convert system from ext4 to btrfs ?

Hi @AzTurk,

AFAIK you’ll have to completely repartition and reformat the drive, since it’s 2 different filesystems.

So, make backups!


:exclamation: OH :exclamation:

See here:


Still, be very careful.

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Thank You ;

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That is a prejudice :man_shrugging:

Btrfs Ext4 :rofl: can be (without :see_no_evil: repartitioning) seamlessly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: converted to btrfs

I did this several times without problems :wink:

Please have a look at:


And you find complete receipts when using the search :mag: here in the forum

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