How to contribute?


How to contribute code to manjaro packages, for example pamac-tray-icon-plasma ?

Hi @taafu11,

Please see the accepted answer here:


Or here

I have imported gitlab repo to my github at

The updated code is at up branch of the above mentioned github repo.

But I don’t know the next steps.

Can you help?

Unfortunately not.

I’m not part of the team, nor do I really know how the gitlab-thingy works. At least not yet. Maybe at some stage. Perhaps. If necessary.

@Yochanan or @linux-aarhus

Can you guys help?

Write an issue and link to your repo.

Be prepared though to be ignored.
My suggestion wasn’t really looked at.
It seems that there’s not really any interest in contributions from the community sadly…

It would seem the next step is to make a pull request at gitlab. Why complicate things for yourself by exporting from&&needing to import to gitlab?

I read about importing to gitlab on


Write an issue and link to your repo.

I don’t know about that

I have the issue on gitlab repo of pamac-tray-icon-plasma

`Pamac tray icon tooltip contribution (#6) · Issues · LordTermor / Pamac tray icon for plasma · GitLab

Here it is

Can you tell me if I have taken correct steps in the issue?