How to connect to a smart tv wirelessly?

My laptop can be connected to my smart tv wirelessly in windows. But I don’t use windows for my daily tasks and I need to use my smart tv as a second monitor. So is there a way to make a connection through wifi in manjaro kde?

Give it a go to gnome network displays. It works just fine on kde plasma. It’s available on aur.

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throws me these errors:

(gnome-network-displays:33572): Gtk-WARNING **: 19:19:04.833: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:73:46: The style property GtkScrolledWindow:scrollbars-within-bevel is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version

** (gnome-network-displays:33572): WARNING **: 19:19:05.045: Error initing screencast portal: Failed to create portal session (response: 2)

** (gnome-network-displays:33572): WARNING **: 19:19:05.045: Falling back to X11! You need to fix your setup to avoid issues (XDG Portals and/or mutter screencasting support)!

I don’t know what to do now!

They’re warnings. If you’re not running GNOME then falling back to X11 based frame grabbing is expected.

Note that gnome-network-displays is still experimental. It’s not a finished and polished application and some technical expertise may be required to get it working. See the at GNOME / gnome-network-displays · GitLab

I read the read me but I don’t figure out how to proceed!

If you haven’t read the comments on the AUR page, I suggest taking a look, as there are a few comments that may solve your problem. I looked at both gnome-network-displays and gnome-network-displays-git

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