How to configure these widget in Manjaro i3 community edition?

Hello everybody, I would like to know how to configure those widgets that come by default with the Manjaro i3 community edition, what’s is the name of the program? Where is the configuration file located?

Images of what I’m referring to (please remove spaces):

i’m not going to remove spaces, attach images here.
if you mean the right top corner, that is conky.

They are script installed in /usr/bin and if I recall correct the actual conkies are in /usr/lib/manjaro - but you will be able find the exact location inside the script.

You can also dissect the package i3-scripts - maybe the conky-i3 package is what you are looking for

Use - filter on i3

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on the ARM image, the files are in:
the default one on the right is conky_maia
left is conky1.10_shortcuts.maia

and just for completness, the bottom is ~/.i3status

config i3 " ~/i3/config"
have line
exec --no-startup-id start_conky_maia

it execute from start pc

if open /bin/start_conky_maia you see

conky -c /usr/share/conky/conky1.10_shortcuts_maia &&
conky -c /usr/share/conky/conky_maia &&

exit 0

open if you want change widget




or change

~/i3/config replace or remove line
exec --no-startup-id start_conky_maia