How to configure Manjaro to install recommended dependencies by default when installing software?

On Linux Mint there is a setting to install recommended packages by default. Is there a similar way to configure Manjaro to do the same?

Linux Mint Forums: Install recommended packages to avoid problems

It does.
Required dependencies are … well, required by default.
Optional dependencies are not gathered automatically because they are optional … you will not always want all optional dependencies.

If you mean ‘suggested’ packages as in … suggested for the desktop?
Those would be the packages included with the ISO.

Note: Looking at the link - there is no equivalent set of packages or requirement for manjaro.

You just have to click a couple of checkboxes and make decision, it is not that hard. If you want everything decided for you in the background - there is windows for that.

For example, if i install blender and my video card does not support CUDA, why would i want cuda support to take space on my hard drive?

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