How to completely uninstall blender?


I want to reinstall my blender application because the ffmpeg file output is not showing. I am trying to uninstall it but I think its not removing totally.

Is there some folder I need to delete like ~/.local for this to install fresh?

thank you.

Hi @nukecrayon,

The blender configuration is located at ~/.config/blender/. So you could just remove that and test first.

rm -fr  ~/.config/blender

Or back it up, so that there’s something to restore if you wish:

mv  ~/.config/blender ~/.config/blender.backup

Hope this helps!


i’ll try this. thanks.

FYI, blender has a rather slow release cycle, so dependencies may become “too up-to-date” for it here. You might want to use a (user) local version by downloading it from the official website, or its Snap/Flatpak package.

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thank you for info sir. this became a problem mostly I’m in a production studio. can’t pass a WIP update of the scene because theres no ffmpeg output. for now, I try installing blender on steam. works well.

If you are running the updatedb service, you can use the locate comand (locate blender). Or to check your $HOME directory use find (find $HOME -iname 'blender'). To see what files an application touches when it starts/stops (within 1 minute) use find (find $HOME -newermt "1 minute ago").

mlocate commands
systemctl list-timers updatedb.timer  # timer
systemctl status updatedb.service     # service
pacman -Qi mlocate                    # package