How to compile wine with this custom patch?

I am trying to compile wine to play THPS 1+2 remake using the method in this comment ( I downloaded the latest wine release source and placed the .patch files in /wine-tkg-git/wine-tkg-patches, then navigated to the directory and entered makepkg -e and the compilation failed. Can anyone help on what the correct way to do this is?

Hello @flyhigh :wink:

Isn’t that fixed with the lutris patched wine version?

I actually tried using the newest Lutris wine to load the game up before searching for alternative methods and my machine crashes using the latest Lutris wine 6.13 so I’m guessing that the fixes aren’t applied. If there’s something else with my settings that you’re thinking of that could solve my issue I’m open to the idea.

Ah ok… i have not that game, so can’t say anything…

So why does it fail? There must be a hint :slight_smile: Terminal output?

Steps I’ve conducted are as follows:

When you are ready, press enter to continue.
→ Using staging patchset
→ Using fsync patchset
→ Using pba patchset

→ ccache was not found and will not be used
==> Making package: wine-tkg-staging-fsync-git 0-326 (2021年07月29日 09時50分13秒)
==> Checking runtime dependencies…
==> Checking buildtime dependencies…
==> WARNING: Using existing $srcdir/ tree
==> Starting pkgver()…
/home/flyhigh/sources/wine-tkg-git/PKGBUILD: line 498: cd: /home/flyhigh/sources/wine-tkg-git/src/wine-staging-git: No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in pkgver().
→ Removed BIG_UGLY_FROGMINER - Ribbit
→ Removed Proton-tkg token - Valve Ribbit
→ exit cleanup done


makepkg -e # or --noextract

also skips the prepare function. Avoid that here.

This should be better:

makepkg --clean --cleanbuild --syncdeps --rmdeps

Also add your patches to source= and run makepkg --geninteg and replace md5sums= and all checksums.

You can also add --skipchecksums --skipinteg --skippgpcheck to the makepkg command to skip all source checks.

I don’t understand how I’m supposed to do this. Is this a configuration file that I edit or is this something I do with the command I enter in terminal?

I changed the PKGBUILD file as such

# custom fixes

Then ran makepkg --clean --cleanbuild --syncdeps --rmdeps --skipchecksums --skipinteg --skippgpcheck

Output in this text: