How to compile driver for ReinerSCT cyberjack

There are diffeent ways to use a personal identity card with onlinefunction.
Trying to use a card-reader ReinerSCT cyberjack I have to compile the drivers source I downloaded from


There are only ready-made drivers for Suse, Ubuntu, Centos and Debian.

First I looked in the support from Arch. But I could not find the terms used there in the unpacked source.
Because I never had to compile any source and so I’m nearly confused.
I don’t want to use AUR because the use of the e-ID card must have a high security standard.
Could you please help me compiling?

Hi @semperlin,

I don’t know if it’ll work, or how good an idea it is, and I know I might get in trouble for suggesting this, but have you tried debtap? It’s available in the AUR.

Hi Midarthos,

Thank you for your advice! But since this solution is not easy and secure either, I switched to the VM with Debian. There, the setup was easily possible via the backports.

Well, as long as you managed I guess it’s OK. :wink: