How to clone my os from one drive to another?

Ok, why cant i just install manjaro?
Its kinda strange, but installing yandex-browser just killing cinnamon DE with no apparent reason… And there is no any solution to this:(

But i have very tiny SSD with os everything done and working on.

So, i want to copy the entire os with all the apps on it to my second drive. The problem is that i cant attach more than one drive to my laptop, thats why cant use cp or rsync.
So, what should i do?

P.S. Keep in mind that i managed to kill DE by downloading a browser and have not find any solution to this, so please explain my everything like im dumb

A bit more information about your system might be helpful.

Just manjaro cinnamon with bunch of installed apps.

I just need an oportunity to create some… i don know… file? And due to it clone entire os on the second drive. It couldnt be done with all the methods i can just google, just because i cant atach the second drive to the laptop

Are you tying to clone an external or internal drive? Where are you tying to clone it to?

Hey @gamer_girl_2007_nah,

I would suggest to check Rescuezilla ( ), open-source easy-to-use disk imaging app that’s fully compatible with Clonezilla.

You can save your existing SSD as image file, say on USB drive, and then use that image to restore it on your second drive.

Note: keep in mind that UUID of the original SSD will be transferred to the new SSD

That doesn’t make much sense to me.

You probably mean to say that you cannot have more than one internal drive.
… attach the second drive through USB?

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dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64K conv=noerror,sync
That’s how i clone my entire manjaro to another disk and now i have full backup for any case.
sda is source & sdb the target
and sdb = 240GB sda = 120GB
ssd both disks.

If the disks are not the same size, this is not ideal to “clone” a system that you then want to actually use.
Copying is just as easy and does not have this limitation.

The “problem” here, as I understood it, was that @gamer_girl_2007_nah somehow cannot attach a second drive to copy to.

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To clone the drives, you’d have to have them BOTH connected to the same machine simultaneously. I’m sure you can do it over a network, but I’ve n ever done it nor do I even know how to do it theoretically.

If this can’t happen, then you’re much better off just backing up you installed package list:

pamac list --installed --quiet > ~/installed.packages.list

…and your AUR packages:

pamac list --foreign --quiet > ~/installed.aur_packages.list

Reinstall your system on the new disk and them afterward:

For the normal packages:

cat /path/to/installed.packages.list | pamac install

IIRC anyway.

For the AUR packages:

cat /path/to/installed.aur_packages.list | pamac install

IIRC anyway.

Or that’s what I think, anyway.


pamac list --installed --quiet > ~/installed.packages.list

this save installed apps to installed.packages.list or a list of them ?
the 2nd i think !

there is no “or a list of them”
the file
IS (contains) the list

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There are a few options for cloning a disk when you cannot physically connect a second drive to the laptop:

  1. Use a network attached storage (NAS) device or a computer on the same network as the laptop to which you can connect the second drive. Then you can use a cloning software to clone the disk over the network.

  2. Use a bootable USB drive with a cloning software to clone the disk. This involves creating a bootable USB drive with the cloning software and booting the laptop from the USB drive to perform the cloning operation.

  3. Use cloud storage to store the clone of the disk. This involves using a cloning software to clone the disk to an image file, and then uploading the image file to cloud storage.

  4. Use a USB-to-SATA adapter to connect the second drive to the laptop via a USB port. This will allow you to use a cloning software to clone the disk directly.

Which of these options is best for you will depend on your specific situation and the resources available to you.

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Ok, but is it possible to do this without attaching the second drive to laptop?

For example, can i use ssh or something?

yes - copying over the network works just as well

Ok, just checked, it is possible.

I can use dd with ssh. And, there would be no problem with different drives size, right?


Why would you insist on dd when cat or cp or rsync works just fine.
The different disk sizes do matter with dd - it is the wrong tool for the job, basically.

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Ok, so cp + ssh will work.
And… i should attach both ssd to laptops, connect them to the same network, install linux on the second one and then just do copy.

What will happen with the second os? Am i even think right? :slight_smile:

Honestly? I don’t think so. :grinning:

What is your goal?
I thought: copying your current system to some other disk, to then use that one instead of what you currently have.

So: just boot a live system on the other laptop - and you have Linux there … no need to install anything.