How to clone a partitioned drive to new SSD?

Hi guys!
I’m sorry if you’ve already seen this question but I can’t find another post with quite my “problem” so bare with me.
I dual boot windows 10 on a ssd and manjaro on a hdd. The hdd has a partition where manjaro is installed and a partition where I keep various files from both OSs (other than some other smaller partitions). I was thinking to buy a 500 ssd to replace my hdd, so naturally I want to clone the entire drive (hdd) to the new disk. I’ve already done this one time when I moved windows 10 from the hdd to the ssd and it was as straightforward as downloading the utility that Crucial gives you when you buy an ssd from them and cloning the drive.
Would it be as simple for me to clone the hdd to the new ssd?
There are some procedures to follow or some programs that I should use?
I can’t give you any information off of Linux right now because I’m not at home but if you need to know anything let me know.
Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

I would say look if Crucial software supports cloning Linux.

Otherwise there are many Linux utilities to clone drives. Clonezilla is probably the best known. Disk cloning - ArchWiki

Even if the Crucial software does not support cloning Linux, there is still the more “manual” way of doing this.
To copy the partitions over you can use many gui tools (personally i prefer either gparted or the KDE partitio-manager)
The exact process would depend if you are using a UEFI boot or a legacy boot. You can easily determine this when you are in Manjaro by running the lsblk command and looking if there is a mountpoint named /boot/efi. If there is you need to include that partition in the following steps aswell.

Note: This all ought to be done from a live USB system.

  1. Run blkid and note down the new UUID/s of the old partition/s.
  2. Clone the partition/s to the new drive with the tool of your choice. Take care to also make sure the flags of the partition/s are also set up in the same way as they were on the original drive.
  3. Run blkid and note down the new UUID/s of the new partition/s
  4. Use manjaro-chroot -a to change root to the new manjaro partition.
  5. Change the old UUID/s in /etc/fstab to the new one/s you got from step 3. You can do this for example with nano with sudo nano /etc/fstab to have a CLI text editor to edit it in.
  6. Exit the changed root and then chroot in again and run sudo update-grub

If you need more help, Don’t be afraid to ask.

To copy the content of a partition, you can use cp or rsync.

It is also easy to install Manjaro on the new SSD and then copy the /home to the SSD.

Thank you all, I’m now more confident i won’t mess things up!
Crucial doesn’t have a linux version for it’s utility, but you gave me a lot of options to try.
I read about clonezilla also that seems the least complicated (not a newbie at all here ofc), I’ll look into that too.


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