How to Clean up temp file (if Any) to get space on Root?

My root partition has barely any space left.
Its not that i downloaded many software there’s hardly 7-9 software that is downloaded (before).Along with Pre-insalled sofwares{on KDE}
My root has 30 gb space on it and now 29 gb is filled up(ik its less but with my limited software it was enough ig)

All my space is being filled up, is it because of the tempfile/old packages(maybe by pacman)?

I am a new User
Need a Easy Guide

[7Gb+ is from var/cache]

i do this sudo paccache -rvk0 ,but then if you need to downgrade a package (which i rarely did),it would not be possible.
it clears the downloaded copies of packages used in an update.

if you have packages from the AUR,then the build files takes some space,
and see what’s going on with Timeshift if you have it set.

you can see more here:

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  • What filesystem do you use ?
  • Do you use Snapshots ?

Is it safe to use sudo paccache -rvk0 ?
Will anything get affected by this?

Nothing will be affected - this just deletes all the downloaded packages.
They are all already installed .
The cache is only useful when you want to reinstall or downgrade some of them.
If the cache is empty, you’ll have to download them again.
If you don’t mind that - clear the cache. Nothing you have installed will be affected.

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