How to clean pamac private cache?

I have about 3GB in /var/cache/private/pamac/ and seems there’s no way to get rid of it. How can I clean that?

I don’t have this folder. However, what error message appears when you remove it as root?

sudo rm -r /var/cache/private/pamac

… probably none :grinning:

but more important would be:
what is in there?

Probably some remnants from building AUR packages - but I don’t know
It’s easy to check.

It’s equally easy to just move it
(so you still have it - and can see and revert the possible unintended effects)
instead of just … deleting it.
It is a directory owned by root.

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No error when removing it as root.

of course not
but now it’s gone
and you can’t have it back when something malfunctions because it does not exist anymore

… too late now :wink:

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It’s just temp files from pamac which I don’t need anymore.


It looked like it, but I was not sure.

It’s strange that these will accumulate … without a means to get rid of them via the pamac GUI.

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